Chakras in the human body

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Chakras in the human body are like spinning wheels of energy that channel throughout the body. They are responsible for balancing the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of a person.

Chakras in the human body are like spinning wheels of energy that channel throughout the body. They are responsible for balancing the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of a person.

A person can understand various chakras in the human body through Kundalini yoga which is a form of yoga that focuses on understanding these chakra systems and unlocking these energies through various Kundalini yoga practices.

There are 7 different energy chakras present inside a human body which are connected to various aspects of human functioning. In this article, we will understand the seven main chakras along with their characteristics, symbolism, and significance. If you find this interesting then read this article till the end.


Root chakras in human body

Root chakra also known as muladhara is situated at the base of the spine and is represented with red color which symbolizes survival vitality and the life force of energy.

This chakra is symbolized by a four-petaled Lotus which ensures grounding stability and balance of four main elements that is earth water life and air.

Practices for enhancing root chakra include:

  • Grounding exercises such as walking barefoot or gardening and spending time in nature can increase root chakra inside a person.
  • Doing meditation while visualizing a red glowing ball of energy at the base of your body can also increase security and stability.
  • Saying affirmations like I am safe, I am grounded or I am secure can resonate with the root chakra.
  • Various yoga asanas like mountain pose easy pose or warrior one can also balance and stimulate root chakra.

Sacral chakras in human body

This chakra, also known as swadhisthana, is located at the lower abdomen approximately 2 inches above the navel. This chakra is orange in color and represents passion, creativity, and a vibrant flow of energy inside the human body.

It is symbolized by 6 settled Lotus which signify flexibility, fluidity, and interconnectedness of relationships. This yoga chakra increases creativity emotions and sensuality along with enhancing the relationship between them.

Practices for this chakra include:

  • Hip-opening yoga poses can help in enhancing the energy of sacral chakra like butterfly pose, cow face pose, pigeon pose, etc.
  • Doing activities like swimming or taking mindful showers can also enhance this chakra because it is symbolized by the fluidity of water.
  • Expressing emotions through journalling or talking to a trusted friend can also help in enhancing emotional balance and increasing sacral chakra.

Solar plexus chakras in human body

This yoga is located at the upper abdomen and is also known as Manipura. It is symbolized by the yellow color which means intellect, warmth, and radiant energy of the Sun. The symbol for this chakra is 10 Petal Lotus which resonates with transformation, personal power, and integration of opposites.

Exercises to increase solar plexus chakra

  • Doing course strengthening poses such as boat pose or upward facing dog and plank pose
  • Performing kapalbhati aur breath of Fire can also help in enhancing solar plexus chakra as it generates heat in the abdominal region promoting energy flow and vitality.
  • Doing meditation while visualizing the bright yellow light of the Sun can help in absorbing its transformative energy.
  • Also repeating empowering a formation like I am confident I am in control of my destiny or I am worthy while meditating can also help in activating and strengthening the solar plexus chakra.

Heart chakras in human body

The heart chakra also known as anahata is located at the center of the chest at the same level as the heart. This chakra is symbolized by a green color which means healing growth and perfect balance between The spiritual energy and the earthly ones.

The symbol for this chakra is 12 petaled Lotus which means compassion, love, and integration of physical and spiritual realms. The main aim of this chakra is to promote love, compassion, and emotional balance.

Practices to enhance heart chakra:

  • Doing certain yoga poses that help in heart opening like camel pose, cobra pose, or upward facing pose can help expand the energy in the chest area promoting heart chakra.
  • Doing meditation along with saying affirmations like I am love, my heart is open to giving and receiving love and I release all my recent month can help in enhancing the energy of heart chakra.
  • This chakra also harmonizes when a person spends time in nature around greenery and connects with the healing power of Earth.
  • Pranayama techniques like breath of love which focuses on deep intentional breathing can also nourish and expand the heart chakra.

Throat chakras in human body

The throat chakra also known as vishudha is located at the base of the throat around the neck area and thyroid gland. This chakra is symbolized by a blue color which represents self-expression clarity and vibrancy.

The symbol for vishudha is 16 petaled Lotus which means expression, purification, and integration of opposites through the medium of communication. This chakra aims to connect people through truth self-expression and communication.

Techniques to balance throat chakra include:

  • Engaging in chanting practices and saying mantras like “hum” can help in increasing the vibrational frequency around the heart clearing the throat chakra.
  • Various yoga poses including fish pose or shoulder stand can help in balancing and stimulating the energy around the throat region.
  • Expressing thoughts through journalling or talking to someone is also associated with enhancing the energy of the throat chakra because it allows a free flow of ideas and emotional release.
  • Consuming foods that are blue like blueberry and others can also enhance the energy of throat chakra.
  • Pranayama practice and truth meditation can also help with harmonizing the energy of the throat chakra. One can practice ujjayi bread or victorious breath to regulate and channel the energy in their throat.

Third eye chakras in human body

The third eye chakra also known as ajna is located between the space of the eyebrows slightly above the bridge of the nose. The color of this chakra is a Deep Blue indigo color that represents intuition and wisdom.

This chakra is symbolized by a two-petaled Lotus that represents the merging of opposite ends within the rail of the third eye. This chakra aims to promote intuitive Power, spiritual awareness, and insight.

Practices to promote third eye chakra include:

  • Third-eye meditation is very useful in activating the third-eye chakra. This is done by focusing on the point between your eyebrows where this chakra is located and visualizing a deep Indigo light radiating. This will bring clarity to your thoughts.
  • Another kind of meditation also known as trataka meditation can help with enhancing the energy of the third eye chakra. In this meditation, a person gazes at a specific point such as a candle flame to concentrate and activate The spiritual energy.
  • Certain affirmations like I see the truth in all situations, I trust my intuition and My mind is clear can help in enhancing the energy of the third eye chakra.

Crown chakras in human body

Crown chakra also known as Sahasrara is located at the top of our head and is symbolized by a thousand Petal lotus. The color of this chakra is pure white which symbolizes the highest state of spiritual purity and consciousness. This chakra aims to link spiritual connection, high consciousness, and enlightenment.

Practices to enhance the crown chakra energy:

  • Crown chakra meditation can help in connecting with the divine and expanding your awareness. To do this practice focus on the top of your head and imagine a radiant violet or white light coming out of your crown chakra.
  • Enhancing mindfulness and awareness can also help increase the energy of the crown chakra as you will become more aware of the present moment and recognize the interconnectedness of all things.
  • Saying affirmations like I am one with all that is or I am open to the wisdom of the universe can also help you in connecting with the universal consciousness.
  • Silent contemplation will also allow you to enjoy the moments of stillness and deepen your connection with the higher self-experience in a profound sense of serenity.
  • Spending time in nature, especially around an environment that leads to spiritual upliftment, can help in energizing the energy of crown chakra.

Bottom line

We are now sure that you have the gist of 7 different chakras that are present inside our body and know what they symbolize and how they can be enhanced. As you can see these chakras are the center of our whole working of the human body and upliftment and energizing these chakras can help in unlocking a lot of energy present inside us.

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Stay safe and healthy!


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