How To Get Your Partner To Accept Sex Dolls

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Owning a sex doll while ridin’ solo is a part of many men’s lives these days.

If your partner can accept that you own and use a sex doll, but don't want to be part of it, be sure to compromise.

This means that you should avoid forcing your partner to agree to let your sex doll participate in your sex life, as this may make your partner feel bad and have no sense of security for himself.

In addition, if your partner doesn't want to have anything to do with your sex doll, be sure to respect this and don't make it clear that you have one.

When your partner is in your home, try to keep your sex doll out of sight, or if you live with your partner, make sure you find enough storage space for your sex doll.

It would also be good to make some basic rules that are acceptable to both of you.

For example, compromise to use your sex doll only when your partner is not at home, once a week, once a month, or on your birthday, etc.

You need to solve this problem between the two of you and come up with the best solution for your situation.

Be sure to take both of your feelings into account, because it's the only way you can both be satisfied with your decision.

Finally, make sure your partner doesn't find anything that will immediately remind them that you have a sex doll.

For example, try to keep your underwear, wigs, cosmetics, perfume, and sex real dolls out of sight of your partner to make them feel more comfortable.

Considering that your partner may try to ignore or calm down the fact that you have a sex doll, putting these things in their way may lead to unnecessary quarrels.

If your partner is disappointed, crazy, angry, and frustrated that you choose to have a sex doll, be sure to avoid any conflict by all necessary means.

Don't get involved in an argument if it starts to involve raising your voice, insulting, mocking, humiliating, and any results that may lead to ineffectiveness.

It is well known that when emotions are high, things get worse and escalate unnecessarily, so avoid saying or doing things that you or your partner may regret later.

Be sure to try to calm your partner down, and if they need to calm down, leave for a while.

You can discuss it when both sides calm down, but you can't take back some of the hurtful things you said to the other person.

Accept the fact that your partner sometimes feels sad or insecure because you have a sex doll.

Even if sex dolls are lifeless, they are still symbols of perfection. With their perfect curves, large and elastic breasts, plump buttocks, and beautiful faces, anyone (especially women) is likely to feel jealous or insecure about them.

You need to make sure that your partner knows what they mean to you, and that there is a clear difference between the way you see your sex doll and the way you see your partner.

Make sure your partner knows that they are beautiful, that their bodies are perfect, and that they don't need to feel insecure about their appearance.

But even so, there may be difficult and sad times when you need to be around your partner to help them overcome their insecurity.

No matter what you do in life, there must be strict boundaries, otherwise, you always run the risk of overdoing it and lose the fun.

But in a relationship, boundaries are especially important because it's the difference between good times and bad times.

If you don't know your partner's boundaries, it's easy to offend or hurt them by saying or doing something you don't know will affect them.

If your partner doesn't know your boundaries, it's easy to cross them and make you feel bad. That's why you need to set clear boundaries when you have a sex doll that both you and your partner will respect.

A good example of boundaries is that when you are arguing about other things that have nothing to do with sex dolls, never use your sex dolls as an intention to insult, humiliate, or laugh at each other.

If your partner thinks it's acceptable for you to have a blow-up doll, you need to put it down immediately, set boundaries, and never mention sex dolls, because this is to make the other person feel uneasy or depressed.

You need to understand your partner's great efforts to accept the things you like and make them a part of your daily life.

That's why you need to be sure to return your help and support your partner's entanglements, desires and excitement in the bedroom.

Be prepared to be open to their fantasies and be part of them as much as possible, as this is the key to a healthy relationship in which both parties are relaxed and consistent with their sexual behavior.