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Who is the The Loadout For?

This website is a resource for the novice who has never fired a weapon to modern day gunslinger. This website will cover firearms, gear, industry news, and provide guides for shooters. The Loadout will also cover news within the military and L.E. communities. Think of us as Morpheus and you are Neo. This website is here to show you how deep the rabbit hole truly goes.


There is so much going on in the firearms industry. All, this website is here to do is this is to provide a reliable source of information for fellow shooters. To give you the information to make informed firearms purchases, give you the scoop on a new piece of gear hitting the market, and to provide insight into the trends of the industry. The goal is to turn this website into a knowledge hub for the firearms community.

A Website for Shooters by Shooters

If you enjoy shooting, firearms, tactics, and gear you will feel right at home here at the Loadout. This is a website built by a shooter for shooters. You will be able to get your fix here.

What to Expect

Quality above all else. This website will be a reliable information source covering everything from firearms, gear, and industry news. Creating a hub of information for a new shooter to our high-speed low drag shooter.

Guides for everyone. We will create guides for new shooters to advance guides for experience shooters. We will have a beginner’s guide to guns to advance guides on how to make wind

Industry News and Spotlights. We will cover industry news and trends. To make sure you have the insights on what is going on within the industry. I will also do industry spotlight profiles on companies to show the positive qualities and spotlight articles on people within the firearms industry.

Military Battles and Tactics. Lastly, I will research and study military battles and tactics and what brought them victory on the battlefield. Just because I enjoy military history and tactics.

If you enjoy these topics and are passionate about them please subscribe to the Loadout blog for future content.


Bringing Credibility to the Game

In the grand scheme of things I am not Tier 1 operator. I don’t have their skill sets and knowledge of those masters (I would love to take a master class from them though). I’m not going to try to act like I do. I am 0311 (Marine Infantry) through and through. I served in 2nd Battalion 4th Marines, 5th Marines Reg. 1st MARDIV. I attained the rank of Sgt. and the billet of squad leader. I did two deployments. One to Afghanistan and the second apart of the 31st MEU. I was a motivator while I served in the Marines and I was a student of the war. War is my obsession and passion. I can’t blow you away with military stories of the high-speed and low drag situations but, my tactical and technical proficiencies are sound. I currently work in the firearms industry at a local range in Vegas as a Range Safety Officer/Instructor. I plan on working towards getting my certification to become NRA certified CCW instruction and much more.

How the Loadout Came to Be

This website has been a brainchild of mine for years now to be honest. I always wanted a place where I could get reliable and cohesive firearms information. A lot of sources on internet when it comes to firearms that the uneducated masses has access to is half truths or misinformation when it comes to firearms. This website will be a reliable source of information for readers within or outside of the community.

About Me

I know a lot of people say they hate talking about themselves. I actually loathe it to be completely honest with you. Oh, well here we go. I am a nerd and absolute geek at heart.  I have always had a passion for the martial arts and combat. I have always wanted to go around the world and learn different martial arts and learn about different cultures. I have a passion for shooting, firearms, and tactics also. I want to share my passion with the community and world. So, I created this page as a hub for people who are like-minded within the community. With this blog I want to share my growth not only as a shooter but, as a man who is trying to live his life with purpose and vision. This blog is to be a voice to my passions. Join me on my journey. Hit that subscribe button and let’s see how deep the rabbit hole goes Neo.

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